Ariyana SmartCondotel Nha Trang

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We not only bring you the satisfaction of accommodation services but also the exciting journeys with a unique service system, diverse to fit many requirements and catering subtly for every need.

Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool (5th floor): The pool system is designed with 2 spacious areas suitable for adults and children to relax in the space of the elegant designed pool, watch the ever-changing colours sky and enjoy a cool drink and the melodious music at the pool bar area.


Fitness Center (5th floor): The gym is equipped with modern facilities in a large space with airy surrounding nature that brings residents a healthy vacation. Two separate spaces for cardio exercise and a weight room for durability and endurance challenges. The perfect combination of relaxation and fitness will always be the best choice of many visitors who want to enjoy healthy and productive holidays. Let us bring you the gift of golden health for a better life!

Kid's Club

Kid club is a very lovely eye-catching space decorated with many bright colors, bringing the world of fairy tales and on the opposite side is the children’s pool so they can enjoy many aquatic activities combined with the multicolour play area. These indoor and outdoor play areas, which are always supervised by our friendly and professional staffs, are not only for your children’s entertainment but also for their development, creativity and character building.

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