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Apart from about 45 kilometers to the west of the center of Nha Trang City, YangBay Tourism Park (in Khanh Phu Commune, Khanh Vinh District) is another beautiful tourist destination. It is a valley spreading over an area of 570ha, located at an altitude of about 100m above sea level, surrounded by primeval mountains.
Coming to Yang Bay Tourist Park, visitors can enjoy the airy space, explore the wild features of mountains and forests, admire imposing waterfalls, and try their own strength by challenging games. Besides the natural landscape, Yang Bay Tourism Park has many other sections, including crocodile raising, wild bear raising, restaurants, travel services, etc. For visitors to experience.

Working time: 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Ticket Price (*) :

  • Adult:  150,000 VNĐ/pax
  • Children (under 1m4):  90,000 VNĐ/pax. Free for children under 1.4m
  • Holidays:  No surcharge on public holidays

(*) Reference Prices


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